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I interviewed B.B King for an hour whilst he was on tour with U2.


Ric Ditchburn

Ric Ditchburn

After a successful radio career spanning New Zealand and Australia, Ric knocked on the door of Magic 1278 in 2000. Ric was very different to the style of announcers Magic already had, having spent most of his career working for "Rock & Roll" FM stations.

Ric was finally offered the drive time shift and immediately brought new life to the station. His vibrant upbeat take on life was just what the shift needed and Ric was encouraged to let his personality unfold (which he has done with abandon and great success).

Ric regards Magic 1278 as the best job he's ever had, and there's no reason the association won't continue for years to come.

What was your first job?

I worked as a despatch boy/Junior salesman at the famous Georges of Collins Street department store. My first job in radio was working midnight til dawn at Radio Avon in Christchurch.

What is your favourite on air moment thus far?

When I interviewed B.B King for an hour whilst he was on tour with U2. He enjoyed himself as well, laughed all the way through the interview, and said it was the best interview he'd ever done.

What is your most embarrassing on air moment?

When I lifted 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' off the turntable while it was still playing (back in the days when we played vinyl records). This happened 30 years ago and I still blush when I think about it.

If you could interview anyone (living or dead) who would it be?

Doris Day- I've loved her since I was a child. I love her smile, her voice, and her personality. To meet her in real life and interview her would be such a thrill.

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