Quick Quiz - February 28

It's the famous Quick Quiz! Get your brain into gear by playing along at 7:50am each morning, or having a go at the 5 question with Kevin and Jane.

Get them correct and you're off to the Pancake Parlour with a $100 voucher. Lovely!

1. Where in Melbourne is the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix held?
A. Albert Park

2. Starting with R for red, and meaning “of a yellowish brown, or browny red colour” what is the name of the Tropical Cyclone bearing down on Western Australia?
A. Rusty

3. Approximately how many bytes are there in a gigabyte?
A. One billion

4. What hit television drama features the characters of sisters Mary, Sybil and Edith Crawley?
A. Downton Abbey

5. In which South American country would you find the ancient Inca site of Macchu Pichu?
A. Peru

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