In defence of MYKI

As you know… I catch the train every day and as you will also know a couple of years ago we were introduced to the new ticketing system.

I think I must have been one of the first to jump on board! One: because I like new stuff and two: because us taxpayers have shelled out one point four billion dollars to get the thing going so I figured it must be sensational!

Let’s not dwell on the dosh cos it’s too late now it’s like the time when I was a kid and lost a ten pound note on the way to the shops, it’s gone… we can’t get it back!!

So, we might as well embrace and get used to the new system. All the time I see  people still using the old Met Card and complaining about poor old MYKI.

Well let me tell you this: I have been using MYKI every day for the last TWO years. I have never, ever had a single issue with MYKI.

MYKI has many, many great features!

One of them is that you can register your MYKI via the internet and you can keep track of every trip, every payment, every deduction and every transaction you ever make on your MYKI. So if ever you have an issue with your card, they can track it back electronically.

Another great feature of MYKI is that it is simple to use. A lot of people mistake it for a “swipe” card but you don’t swipe it, you “touch” it on and off.  It’s easy  to load - once you get the hang of it and the machines take notes coins and cards.

And if you have a Senior MYKI the benefits are fantastic!  A zone one and two all day trip will cost you less than a cup of coffee!

Unfortunately poor old MYKI has become a political football but I reckon it’s time we put all the bad news behind us and just get on with it.

Get yourself a MYKI, put some cash on it and you won’t get caught out fumbling to buy a ticket as the train comes into the station.

Let me know how you are getting on.


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