I love trains...


I love trains. I’ve always loved trains.

I catch a train to work every day and apart from the odd undesirable (very odd) in the same carriage as me, it’s usually a reasonably enjoyable experience.

Sometimes I read… sometimes I just sit there and think. (I’m sure that would surprise quite a few)

Quite often I ponder what it might cost to build a new train?  A million? Two million? How good would it be to be the first one to ride a new train?

Some people don’t share my enthusiasm  for the beauty of trains. But they a so beautiful - striking colours, lovely bright metro logos, big powerful electric motors (which these days are almost silent), self closing doors, nice comfy seats, air conditioning… the list goes on and on.

Some people have said to me that they smell. Maybe that’s because some people urinate in them. Hard to believe isn’t it?

But even more hard to believe is that some passengers, who more than likely have not even paid the fare, decide that the windows would look better, If they were scratched!

Not just one window, but EVERY WINDOW in every beautiful train!!

As I sit on the train with my ”touched on MYKI”, enjoying my thoughts I ponder what sort of mind it is that decides that this beautiful piece of machinery deserves such mindless violence.

How dare they? and how do they get away with it?  AND… I haven’t even touched on the spray painting and the disgusting, filthy, rubbish!  I tell you what, I am not a violent man but they better not commit their moronic vandalism while I’m on the train!

Let me know what you think...


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