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I would love to have as studio guests John F Kennedy and Actor Humphrey Bogart.


Peter Van

Peter Van

Peter has established himself as an excellent communicator and talented presenter throughout his exciting career in radio.

Early in his career, Peter was Producer of the top rating Bert Newton program on the Greater 3UZ and stayed with Bert for two years. He rates it one of the most enjoyable times of his life.

Parting ways with Bert, Peter's career changed tack and he headed off to the newsroom. With his clear diction and well trained voice, Peter was a natural newsreader and enjoyed success over the better part of a decade working in the newsrooms at 3AK, 3MP, 3AW and 3DB.

In the mid '90s Peter was offered some part time work doing weekend shifts on the then fledgling Magic 693 and quickly became a popular member of the on air team.

What was your first job?

My first job in radio was as a Panel Operator at Melbourne's 3XY. I was so lucky, I walked in off the street and in an audacious fashion told an executive I wanted to be a Radio Star. It just so happened one of the other Panel Operators had resigned just two hours earlier.

What is your most embarrassing on air moment?

While working in the country I was to do a Saturday morning Breakfast Show. Being much younger and foolish I decided to go straight to work after partying to till very very late. I decided to catch a few hours sleep till five o'clock and then start the show. Big mistake - the next thing I knew a member of the local Constabulary awoke me in the studio. It was almost seven o'clock. I copped a severe dressing down from the station manager.

If you could interview anyone (living or dead) who would it be?

If I could chose to do an interview with two celebrities, I would love to have as my studio guests President John F Kennedy and Actor Humphrey Bogart.

Regular Guests

Talking Money with Paul Clitheroe: 1:45am daily

The Life Coach with George Norris: 2:45am daily

Gardening with Jane Edmanson: 3.45am daily

Health & Wellbeing with Gerald Quigley: 4:45am daily


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