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I once suggested to Neil Diamond during an interview to write "A romantic Aussie song! ...


Peter O'Callaghan

Peter O'Callaghan

Peter has been a popular Melbourne radio presenter since he worked at 3XY in the 1980’s. He has an easy-to-listen-to style, matched to a superb knowledge of popular music. He also has quite a quirky sense of humour.

As a young boy growing up in Essendon, I never thought I would be in my early 60's and have spent two thirds of my life doing what I love - Radio.

Plus I am working with some of my best friends with whom I have worked before - Peter Van 1972, Kevin John 1980  & 1983 and Jane Holmes mid 80's and 2000.

What was your first job?

In the late 60's I worked as a trainee at a Port Melbourne Dairy making Yoghurt - and I still love it.

What is your favourite on air moment thus far?

One of my favourite moments was interviewing Neil Diamond about twenty years ago.

I said "You love Australia, why don't you write a song about us?"

Neil said "What did you have in mind?'

I suggested "A romantic Aussie song! How about 'I love a Kangaroo"

Mr D said "I'll think about it!". He still hasn't written it!!

What is your most embarrassing on air moment?

My first station was 4WK in Warwick, Qld. I chased a dog away from the front door which then closed behind me.

I had to run outside, climb up a light pole and crawl in through the open studio window.

Almost out of breath, I turned on the microphone and tried to talk.  Not a good idea!

If you could interview anyone (living or dead) who would it be?

I would have loved to have interviewed John Lennon. I believe he was the genius behind The Beatles, and a man who cared about others but had a great sense of humour.

I recently saw a photo of John and Yoko in New York around 1980. He was wearing a badge that said - "Not Insane".


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