Denise to ditch the luxury lifestyle and hit the road

Magic 1278   Entertainer Denise Drysdale is selling all her possessions and heading north - destination unknown!

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The Simpsons

Magic1278 8:23 AM   Get your brain into gear by playing along at 7:50am each morning, or have a go at the five questions with Kevin and Jane.

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Buddy Holly

Magic1278 8:23 AM   Have some early morning fun with Kevin and Jane's Wacky Facts!

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Don McLean

Magic1278   October 2 - Happy birthday to American singer/songwriter Don McLean, he's 69 today!

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Johnny Carson

Magic1278   Here are some memorable dates from October 2, from the 1900's to today.

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The Amy Johnson slice.

One of the mouth-watering recipes from the Country Women's Association of Victoria's new book, "A Slice of CWA".

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The Honeycombs

Here's one of those songs from the 60's that make you feel good. The Honeycombs - Have I The Right.



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