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Gardening with Jane Edmanson

Jane Edmanson Jane Edmanson one of the most well respected gardeners in Australia and she joins Magic 1278 every weekday with her valued gardening tips. Click here to view Jane's informative and exciting new webpage.

Gerald Quigley

Gerald Quigley Gerald is a practicing Pharmacist and accredited herbalist, which gives him a unique overview of health from a holistic perspective. Gerald’s aim is to achieve the best health outcome by determining which medicines can be taken with which vitamins, and what offers the best nutritional support. Gerald Quigley thanks to Totally Natural Products and Proform. Click here to view Gerald's informative and exciting new webpage.

George Norris

George Norris George is a Corporate Coach, Motivaltional Speaker, Mentor and Facilitator working with major national and international firms, leaders and senior managers. George has written many magazine articles during his 30 year coaching career, and authored the book “Winning With Wisdom” which has helped many people achieve their goals in life, business and sport.

Paul Clitheroe

Paul Clitheroe Paul is one of Australia's leading media commentators on financial issues and is renowned for his ability to explain complex money issues in plain English. His books have sold more than 600,000 copies. He presents a daily radio segment on Magic 1278 and writes a regular weekly newspaper column.