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Kevin John

Kevin John

Kevin has been in radio broadcasting for over three decades now and says he still enjoys presenting radio programs as much as he did when he first presented his Drive-time show on 3HA Hamilton in 1974.

After moving to 3TR Sale and hosting the morning show for 4 years, he got his break into Melbourne radio joining 3KZ in the early 80's.

Hosting the 9-12 program he was part of 'Melbourne 3KZ' during the days when almost every second car in Melbourne displayed a heart shaped sticker featuring a tram and the words 'I Love Melbourne'. It still rates as one of the most successful radio sticker campaigns ever in Melbourne and Kevin remembers how it brought enormous success to 3KZ at the time.

After presenting programs on 3MP and 3UZ Kevin left Melbourne to travel Europe. During his adventure he spent a year and a half working on the English speaking station Riviera Radio situated in Monte Carlo on the French Riviera.

"It was a dream job", Kevin recalls, and he had to constantly remind himself how fortunate he was to be living and broadcasting in such a beautiful part of the world.

He returned to Melbourne to take up a position at 3TT (formally 3DB). Once again he presented the 9-noon show for a couple of years then moved onto the Breakfast program.

"Life changed for me after I discovered the joy that being on the radio at breakfast time can bring. It's a whole new exciting world being there to wake people up each morning and be part of a time of the day where there is so much going on in people's lives."

Kevin enjoyed the company of a number of co-hosts during his breakfast days at 3TT/101.1TTFM including Jane Holmes, Jill Pagnocolo (Kevin and Jill), Nicky Buckley and Tottie Goldsmith with Michael Pope.

In the late 90's Kevin moved away from fulltime broadcasting and became a regular and familiar voice on 3AW and Magic 1278 as a 'voice-over' talent presenting many of both station's commercials.

In July 2008 he joined Ann Gilding to become the co-host of the Breakfast Show on Magic 1278.

"Magic 1278 is my kind of station," Kevin says. "It has a very loyal audience and so much of its music is stuff you just don't get to hear on Melbourne radio anymore."

"It's unique, and once people discover Magic they can't get enough of it."

Kevin loves everything about Melbourne and honestly believes it is one of the best cities in the world - to live and work.




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