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Keep fruits and veg within reach

Kids need healthy snack lessons

Magic 1278 Health with Gerald Quigley
August 9, 2012

For healthier eating, keep fruits, veggies within reach

Young people are more likely to snack with fresh fruits and vegetables, when these healthy options are placed where they can easily reach them. And children eat more fruit when it is made clearly visible to them.

To test this theory, some researchers put apple slices and baby carrots in clear bowls either close by, or two metres away from a student group.

The apples and carrots close by were snacked on much more often, although the apple slices were preferred.

Apples contain sugar, and are perceived as sweeter. Sugar stimulates brain reward regions, that induce a “wanting” for foods that contain sugar.

It is obvious then, that school canteens place fruits and vegetables out in the open.

(Environment and Behaviour April 30th 2012)

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