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Is paracetamol safe?

We assume Paracetamol is safe, that's what advertising tell us

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August 24, 2012

A study in the United States reveals that two and half percent of admitted hospital patients receive more than the safe cumulative dose of paracetamol on at least one day.

The worrying part of this research is that, only a small minority were given a blood test to check their liver function.

Paracetamol does have an impact on liver health. We assume that it’s safe, or at least that’s what the advertising tells us. So, check to see how much paracetamol you consume over a day.

For example, as you try and minimize the cold symptoms, add the paracetamol dose in the cold and ‘flu tablet, to that in the fever tablet, to that in the back pain tablet. If the total is near 4,000 mg, then reduce your risk of liver damage by cutting back on paracetamol.

(Digestive Disease Week May 22nd 2012)

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