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February 25, 2011

Buying Bulbs


One of the things I really like doing over early autumn is to search through the inspirational bulb catalogues from the wholesale bulb growers for something to plant for spring colour.

Tulips, deep and velvety, saffron crocus, bearded iris and so many little treasures.

It is worth hunting for the catalogues:


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What Bulbs to choose?


They say “precious things come in small parcels” and this very much describes bulbs for spring enjoyment.

One of the best places for spring bulb display is at Tesselaars in the Dandenongs but why not create your own in you’re your garden or container.

Think of fragrant jonquils, cheerful yellow daffodils, blue of Dutch Iris, there is so much choice and they can be planted right now.

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Planting Bulbs


Plant them in groups of colour in flower beds or in pots, hyacinths are a scent from heaven.

Dig in some fertilizer prior to planting and hyacinths will reward you with bolds displays of pink, white or blue flowers.

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