This week it's all about rock 'n' roll.

This week it's all about rock 'n' roll.

The Birth of Rock 'n' Roll

ROCK: This week it was all about rock 'n' roll. Every hour we played songs from stars who gave birth to one of music's greatest styles. We saluted the likes of Bill Haley and the Comets, Little Richard, Buddy Holly,The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens. Here's a taste.

Wacky Facts

Foal. WACKY FACTS: Have some early morning fun with Kevin and Jane's Wacky Facts.

Quick Quiz

Penguin. QUICK QUIZ: It's the famous Quick Quiz! Get your brain into gear by playing along at 7:50am each morning, or have a go at the five questions with Kevin and Jane.

Kevin and Jane visit The Block

Kevin and Jane with Julian Cress, co-creator and Executive Producer of The Block TELEVISION: It's been another huge year for The Block on Channel 9 - and to top it off, Kevin and Jane popped by for a visit!

Kev and Jane's kitchen

Click here to choose a recipe from Kevin and Jane's Kitchen - there are so many menu ideas along with their helpful kitchen hints and advice. Join Kevin and Jane in their KITCHEN every Thursday morning at 8:20am. To put a little spice in your cooking try out these recipes. There are meals to suit any occasion including snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kevin & Jane's YouTube of the Week

Kevin and Jane's YouTube Video of the Week Be entertained and share with your friends this wonderful collection of Kevin and Jane's favourite YouTube videos.

Kevin and Jane Meet Andre Rieu

Kevin and Jane with Andre Rieu ANDRE RIEU: When Kevin and Jane met Andre Rieu at Eastland Shopping Centre, the big question was ...where did he get that fantastic red jacket?!! See more photos here

Grandkids' Birthdays

Grandkids birthday Do you want Kevin and Jane to say a special Magic 1278 on-air happy birthday to your grandson or granddaughter? Click the above link and email the details through.

Jane Holmes

Jane Holmes Jane couldn’t be happier about co-hosting with her old friend, Kevin John. “We hosted brekky together on TTFM in the early 90s and now we’re back doing what we both love most: waking up with Melbourne, playing great music and just having fun.”

Kevin John

Kevin John Kevin has been in radio broadcasting for over three decades now and says he still enjoys presenting radio programs as much as he did when he first presented his drive-time show on 3HA Hamilton in 1974.

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