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  • Berrie on Songs From The Movies - Triple Plays I've thoroughly enjoyed the Songs from the Movies this past week - it has been great listening! I'd now love to hear Songs ... more
  • Steven Mapleback on Quick Quiz - March 28 Hi K and J - I won Quick Quiz yesterday and we re still in shock. I'm "in-between" jobs atm. I had justI walked down passage ... more
  • michael justin on Beatles Magic! Yes I went to the concert but to this day cant understand why the girls screamed so loud that we could barley hear them ... more
  • Damien Quinlan on Beatles Magic! Just wanted to say that every time I go to Festival Hall I stare at the stage and say to myself "wow! The Beatles played ... more
  • April Goss on Beatles Magic! My husband was at the Beatles concert, and looking at your clip he said he can hear more on the clip than at the show the ... more
  • Doris on Flower and Garden Show Loved talking to Kevin and hand today they are so natural and friendly thank Kevin and Jane more
  • Steve Campbell on Quick Quiz - March 25 The thing I love about Magic is you haven't become a "Social Commentator" like most FM stations, I listen to Magic to hear ... more
  • Marg Morgan on Bobby Skilton's tips - Round 1 Bob Skilton, your visit to our son with cancer atthe Peter Mac in 2010 uplifted his spirits gave him a bit of strength to ... more
  • Helen Freedman on Handy Hints - Kevin and Jane's Kitchen To open a jar with a metal lid easily, run hot water over the lid and hey presto! it is so easy to open more
  • Ian Godfrey on Quick Quiz - March 10 Always loved Magic, so much I was going to ask if there was a spare job going. I look like I'm in the right age bracket, but ... more
  • Treahna Caruana on Dolly opens up Congratulations to Tineka and Ward on a great interview with the amazing Dolly Parton!A pleasure to watch and enjoy! more
  • Joe Marconi on The Magic Ultimate 500 Countdown of the ... You'll Never Walk Alone - number 308. What's going on here? It should be in Top 20.And where are the Rolling Stones in Top ... more
  • Ken Tate on The Magic Ultimate 500 Countdown of the ... I would be interested in seeing the number of votes for each song or at least the top 20.It was difficult to choose only one ... more
  • gordon carvosso on Dolly opens up I have always admired Ward Everaardt,s wonderfull voice reading the news, So rich and pure.Now I know what he looks like. ... more
  • Anne Banks on Memorable Moment He was brilliant and his daughter is definitely following in Dad's footsteps. This recording is brilliant more
  • Carmel Mullen on Merry Christmas Thank you for this link it was wonderful more
  • Karl Turnbull on A star is born This girl is good and would be even better with a band behind her.Also learn to sing the second verse as well Steph. Go for ... more
  • Colin Whaley on The Hollies Went to the Hollies when they came to Melbourne earlier this year and to repeat an old phrase I haven't used for a while ... more
  • ornella totino on A star is born It would be wonderful to hear her sing at Carols by Candlelight. What an amazing experience for a beautiful girl. more
  • Franca Katsaris on A star is born Love to hear you sing again. Great voice! more

Daily Useful Information

Posted by: Magic 1278 | 19 October, 2011 - 7:53 AM
Melbourne by night

Below you will find links to everyday, useful information.

Latest Weather
Get the latest forecast for Melbourne.

Radar Images
Get the latest radar images for Melbourne. 

Water Storage Monitor
Find out how much water Melbourne currently has available, along with other tips for conserving water.

Cheapest Fuel Prices
Find out where to get the cheapest fuel prices for Melbourne.

Vicroads Freeway Times
This will help you beat the traffic at any hour of the day.

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  • I wonder whether i could get more info on the program you ran on friday night concerning

    jim penaluna Sunday 9 September, 2012 - 10:36 AM
  • Hi, like Vicki I am wondering what the name of the travel company "Green????? Please let me know.

    Many thanks


    Ron Friday 6 July, 2012 - 10:57 AM
  • Hi,

    l heard an advert thos other night on your station and it was advertising a travel company...for holidays and travel.
    lm wondering if you could help me with the website or the name of the company please...

    l think it was a name something like express green....or green whatever



    Vicky Harris Wednesday 20 June, 2012 - 2:57 PM
  • Happy to hear Ward will be back part time,howe abaut a photo of that loveley woice Caroline.

    joseph Nagy Saturday 3 December, 2011 - 10:16 PM

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