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1845 saw the invention of ... rubber bands

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'The fast-dealing property trading game'

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From Bollywood to Moomba...

Kevin met Pallavi in Lygon Street last year when she was filming a 60 Minutes story


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Terrific tomatoes!

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"Parky" on Magic 1278

Sir Michael Parkinson

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Network News

Melbourne's very own Monopoly

9:16 AM   Lord Mayor Robert Doyle will today announce a Melbourne version of the classic board game Monopoly.

New research: middle-aged men more lonely

Women who lived alone were less isolated than men, the new research has shown.

8:44 AM   It seems middle-aged men are the ones who miss out the most when it comes to living alone, according to new research.

Our penguins need selfie sticks

Ross suggested we arm the penguins with their own selfie sticks to fight back.

9:14 AM   Penguins on St Kilda's foreshore are suffering from an increase in happy snappers using selfie sticks.