Magic highlights

Glenn Ridge enjoys pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Mmm Lovely!

Glenn Ridge enjoying pancakes, Mmmm Lovely, to help a good cause.

Glenn Ridge chats to Russell Morris about his latest album: "Red Dirt - Red Heart"

Russell Morris, Musician

Glenn finds out whether or not " Red Dirt - Red Heart" is the last of the Australiana series for Russell Morris.

Video: Marcia Hines in studio

Glenn Ridge and Marcia Hines.

'Velvet' star Marcia Hines is itching to take the show to Melbourne.

Is Aussie honey really bad for you?

Australian bees at work.

Glenn Ridge gets the buzz on the healthier kinds of honey - and which ones you should avoid.

The very best old soaps

The cast from Bellbird

John and Jane want to know - what are your favourite old soapies?

John Blackman's awkward injury

John might need a couple of these!

John Blackman gets some medical advice from a listener... but we really can't endorse this one!

'David Bowie was my boss'

David Bowie passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer.

She is known as a successful businesswoman, but not many know Janine Allis once worked on David Bowie's yacht.

Elton's beautiful new video

Elton John's new album will be released in February.

Music legend Elton John has released a stunning new video for his latest track, Blue Wonderful.


The Ten Tenors - Win tickets

The Ten Tenors

Be listening to Magic Breakfast for your chance to win tickets to this genre-busting act!

Magic Minute

John and Jane are ready for the Magic Minute!

Call in to win!