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The lovely blue sea.

magic1278-com-au 3:47 PM   Have some early morning fun with Kevin and Jane's Wacky Facts!

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Sang Choi Bao

This is an easy way to make Sang Choi Bao!

Jane's Gardening


Gardening tips and tricks with Jane Edmanson - for a little Magic in your garden!

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Send your grandchild a happy birthday on the radio!

Get Kevin and Jane to wish your grandchild a happy birthday!

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Kevin and Jane's Reigning Cats and Dogs

Congratulations Micio!

Kevin and Jane's Reigning Cats and Dogs: Congratulations Micio!

B Cure Laser Blog

B Cure Laser

Now as B-Cure Laser’s newest ambassador, Norma will be reporting back to the Magic 1278 team with updates on her use of the B-Cure Laser.

Network News

True blue bogan

Singer Shannon Noll has come under fire for sounding too bogan during his rendition of the Australian national anthem.

Gough's Attorney-General pays homage

Kep Enderby

Jessie Aiton   Tributes continue to flow in.

Vale Gough Whitlam

Gough Whitlam

Jessie Aiton   Tributes flow in following the death of former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.